Social Media Marketing


Twitter, Facebook and Social Media sites such as Delicious and Propeller have contributed to the success of many sites in recent times and a strong effort towards social marketing can ensure a lot of direct traffic and positive reviews for your website. Nowadays all these can be tied together to ensure that each Social Media that publicises your brand is always 'on message'.

Facebook - There is more to Facebook than fan pages and groups that you join and never look at. Our experts can design a specific Facebook marketing plan for you targeting your market using the readily available Facebook demographics. We can create a campaign page for you that gets thousands of fans and carries your brand in a uniquely viral.

Twitter - We will set up and maintain your Twitter account and use effective techniques to create a valued and Informative reed, avoiding spamming and gaining a quality following.

YouTube - We will set up your YouTube Channel as a promotional and public information tool. It can work as an addition to your customer service with Help Videos and Tutorials as well as keeping customers and prospective customers aware of your brand and products.

Regular Blog Presence - Blogger, Tumblr & Co. By adding fresh content, talking about your site, your products and promotions and getting contextual links to your homepage and individual blog posts on alI regular basis, your online presence becomes more diversified and helps bring not only first time visitors but a regular following.

Forum Submissions - Forum submissions can be very powerful. By getting people interested in your site end talking more about it by submitting your site on an industry specific forum, not only will there be a wider interest in your site but it is also a great way of gaining direct traffic.

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